Learning how to incorporate social and emotional intelligence into your coaching practice to help your clients develop healthy, happy relationships both at home and at work can be very rewarding.  Life coaches and executive/leadership coaches alike are finding that becoming a Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® expands their coaching expertise, knowledge and skills and distinguishes their coaching practice.

SEI certified coaches add a vast array of new tools to their tool kit, extend their coaching engagements significantly, and attract more business.  In the process of becoming certified, coaches gain a comprehensive understanding of social and emotional intelligence and how to develop it in their clients (and in themselves!).

By taking the 12-hour certification program, coaches earn 12 CCEUs from the International Coach Federation (ICF) (or credits from HRCI or SHRM), and become certified to administer both the Self- and 360-versions of the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)®, the most comprehensive SEI assessment on the market today.

In development for over 10 years, the SEIP was developed BY coaches FOR coaches, and provides coaches with far more than a simple numeric score. The reports provide extensive developmental suggestions for both coaches and their clients, as well as behavioral descriptions of what it looks like when a competency is fully present as well as behavioral descriptions of what it looks like when a competency is lacking.  Certified SEI coaches also have access to three distinct versions of the SEIP: the Adult, Youth and Workplace editions.

Coaches also acquire an extensive, practical “tool kit” for coaching social and emotional intelligence in 26 distinct SEI competencies.  Course materials include over 200 pages of engaging, relevant client exercises, worksheets, tip-sheets, homework assignments and more to use with clients to help accelerate their growth in social and emotional intelligence.

Research has proven that individuals with higher levels of social and emotional intelligence

  • are healthier, happier and more productive
  • have deeper connections and more positive relationships with others
  • are better able to adapt to change
  • manage dysfunctional and debilitating conflict more effectively
  • are more intentional as they go through life
  • manage stress more effectively
  • are more resilient, optimistic and collaborative
  • demonstrate greater creativity and innovation
  • have far greater empathy, and enhanced interpersonal and communication skills
  • make better leaders
  • have the ability to build bonds and build trust with others more readily

Warren Bennis, one of the world’s foremost authorities, researchers and authors on the topic of leadership, had this to say about emotional intelligence: “In the fields I have studied, emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader.  IQ is a threshold competence.  You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star.  Emotional Intelligence can.”

As coaches, our primary objective is to support our clients in living the best, most successful, most fulfilling lives possible.  It simply can’t be done without social and emotional intelligence.

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